The Ministry of Housing Project

Early in 2013, a large number of new residential housing projects were announced across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the Ministry of Housing.

Abunayyan Electric was the first onsite and worked in parallel with The Ministry of Housing, and the selected appointed consultant. AEC prescribed Pierlite lighting fixtures, for the deployed residential housing project. 

Abunayyan electric, has been successful in securing most of these projects and many more, despite the tough competition and challenges faced in the market. We have been successful in acquiring many of the following types of projects throughout the KSA; Hail, Shaqra, Rimah, Mothneb and many more.

Abunayyan Electric, top expert’es team, continues its ambition to provide innovative solutions in different scopes.  We have, and will continue our mission, to secure more projects under the Ministry of Housing.  Also, to promote various type of electrical solutions.

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